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Quantum Computing Scientist
Quantum Computing Scientist


I am a researcher with interests in various subfields of quantum computing. This encompasses classical simulation methods, stabiliser formalism and magic state model, characterisation and benchmarking protocols, and compilation of quantum circuits.

I am interested in the theory and construction of (approximate) unitary t-designs and random quantum circuits. Among others, unitary designs play an important role in many benchmarking and characterisation protocols. From a practical point of view, exact unitary designs however have several disadvantages and hence the focus has shifted towards approximating them with random circuits. Here, a thorough analysis of their convergence properties is key to guarantee the proper functioning of the protocol and, for instance, also plays an important role in quantum supremacy experiments. I am currently working on adapting characterisation and benchmarking protocols to random circuits, thereby combining rigorous performance guarantees with minimal practical assumptions, making them more easily accessible to experimentalists.

Currently, I am working on a federally funded project on trapped-ion quantum computers which involves close collaboration with experimental and industrial partners. Through this, I have become increasingly interested in the practical challenges of building quantum computers. Moreover, I have started to work on gate set design and on compilation methods using multi-qubit gates native to ion trap architectures.

During my PhD, I worked on advanced methods based on the stabiliser formalism and the Clifford group. In particular, I have become interested in stabiliser-based simulation methods such as Wigner functions on discrete phase space and decompositions in stabiliser frames (e.g. robustness of magic, stabiliser extent, dyadic negativity). I worked on the closely related resource theory of magic and I am interested in resource-theoretic questions in quantum computing.

Short CV

05/2024 - 10/2024 Visiting researcher in the Algorithms and Complexity group at QuSoft and CWI.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
02/2021 - present Postdoc in the group of Martin Kliesch.
Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany.
02/2017 - 01/2021 PhD in theoretical physics (May 2021)
Institute for theoretical physics, University of Cologne, Germany.
Thesis: On stabiliser techniques and their application to simulation and certification of quantum devices, supervised by David Gross
10/2014 - 10/2016 Master's degree in physics
University of Jena, Germany.
"Interfaces in Holographic Weyl Semimetals"
10/2009 - 09/2014 Dual Bachelor's degrees in physics and mathematics
University of Freiburg, Germany.


Here, you can find a list of my publications.
I am trying to keep it up-to-date, but you also are welcome to check my papers on arXiv and my Google Scholar profile

PhD thesis

Markus Heinrich

On stabiliser techniques and their application to simulation and certification of quantum devices

University of Cologne, Germany, 2021

Download @ university library of Cologne

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